Mudança de Idéia
Change of Mind

“I am not a human being, I am a state of mind”
A state of mind where a bribe justifies everything;
A state of mind where the corrupt are above the law;
A state of mind where rich entrepreneurs and politician friends deserve everything;
A state of mind of giving almost nothing to the people to get reelected;
A state of mind of constant stealing of public money;
A sick state of mind where ego blinded the sense of responsibility;
A state of mind of considering normal to step on the head of those with opposing views;
A state of mind where rascality has overcome justice;
A state of mind where the “everything-goes” won over the population welfare;
A state of mind where the priority is to appoint judges with no honor;
A state of mind where the rule is to spread hatred and to divide the population;
A state of mind that lasted for too many years; however, a very bad idea does not last forever.
Brazil has changed its mind!!!

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